Created in 1976, Acetre is one of the most veteran and emblematic groups within the folk scene of Extremadura and its music is essential to understand the trajectory of folk music in recent years both within their region and in the rest of Spain.

Musical creation and renewal on a rich traditional basis join their long experience as musicians, to succeed in a gear of instrumental and vocal quality able to open new horizons within the music inspired by traditional roots.

Their place of origin, Olivenza (Badajoz) gives them the “bicultural” characteristic in such a spontaneous and simple way that it could only be explained knowing that it was born from the essential, from the base of vital learning. Thus, in their interpretations they combine perantones, pindongos, festive tunes or extreme dawn, with the verdegaios, fados, saias or corridiños portugueses. A combination well taken advantage of that gives like result one of the most exquisite sounds inside what today we understand as renewed tradition.

Acetre, a group that like no other represents the most artistic and creative Extremadura, sets out in search of communion between the architectural and natural environments that surround us and the conceptual power of music as a vehicle for creation and reflection.

Sounds of Extremadura, of the border zone with Portugal, in Olivenza and some sung in a dialectal variety of the Portuguese own of the cacereña locality of Cedillo -Cáceres-, oriental percussion, African, of frying pans, the characteristic choral song of the zone… the sonorous amplitude of Acetre goes much beyond the conventional folk music and represents a coherent work of investigation and creation.

With more than 42 years of experience and nine albums to his credit, Acetre has participated in tours and important festivals throughout Spain and other countries such as Germany, Switzerland, England, Portugal and Cuba.

Acetre concierto 2019

“Cuando cantan las mujeres” (When women sing) focuses on the substantial role that women have been playing as authentic carriers and transmitters of some of the most relevant traditional songs from Extremadura. Group songs based on profane and religious rituals, love and satirical songs, romances and ancient wedding songs full of melismas, along with others that recover dialectal variants of Portuguese as the essence of frontier folklore…

The presence of the woman’s voice as the guiding thread of this show, together with Acetre’s renovating instrumentation, gives a good account of the vocal beauty of Extremadura’s most transcendental traditions.

Acetre is composed of: Víctor Asensio, flutes and clarinet; Antonio Leyras, bass and Portuguese guitar; Mamen Sánchez, voice and percussions; Laura Ferrera, violin; Vicky González, drums; Inés Romero, accordion; Ana Jiménez, voice and bouzuqui; Paco Croche, saxophone and percussions; José-Tomás Sousa, keyboards, acoustic guitar, composition and musical direction.


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