Agrupación Folklórica Harimaguadas

San Isidro de Gáldar
Islas Canarias

Agrupación Folklórica Harimaguadas was born in 1976 by the disappeared and adopted son of Gáldar, Santiago Machín, and directed since his death by Ceci Machín, his youngest daughter.

It is a unique and lively group from that city that has seen through its ranks more than 500 boys and girls who today are great musicians or professionals of the most diverse nature.

Agrupación Folklórica Harimaguadas

They have participated in numerous performances and activities throughout their more than 40 years of life among which stand out: Folkloric Festival Guayadeque in Ingenio, Festivals in Alajeró and Agulo in La Gomera, the Tejeguatito Festival in El Hierro, Festival Menuda Parranda in Fuerteventura,… They have also presented two shows of great significance: Homage to Néstor Álamo and Musical Journey through childhood.

They are the organisers of two annual folklore festivals, one of an insular nature, coinciding with the San Isidro fiestas, and the other of a national nature. They have also organized the first edition of the Christmas carol festival “Harimaguadas & Friends” with a great public acceptance.

Son organizadores de dos festivales folklóricos anuales, uno de carácter insular, coincidiendo con las fiestas de San Isidro, y otro de carácter nacional. También han organizado la primera edición del festival de villancicos “Harimaguadas & Friends” con una gran aceptación de público.

In 2018, they released their first album entitled “Gáldar Uniendo Orillas”.

They are a famous and recognised group from the northwest of Gran Canaria, one of the oldest in the municipality of Gáldar and the first folklore school in the municipality.


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