Ars Nova XIV


Ars Nova XIV is a Sevillian band whose style is symphonic folk-rock that is fused with touches of styles as diverse as blues, Celtic music, jazz, flamenco or classical music. This fusion, together with the instrumental and vocal melodic treatment, gives rise to one of the most distinctive characteristics of the band. In addition to these, it is worth noting the contrasting changes between sections that lead, in most cases, to marked rhythms that accompany very catchy instrumental melodies made by the transverse flute and piano.

Ars Nova XIV en concierto

The band was celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2016, signing with ON FIRE Rock Promo and launching “Una Década”. Today they are in full media presentation and on tour with their new LP, “Tiempo” (ON FIRE Records – 2018) that will take them all over the state. First stops: Seville, Albacete, Madrid,…

“Tiempo” is the before and after Ars Nova XIV, which had been flirting with the prog for years and the most rocky sounds have led to this jewel of the genre.

The band’s current line-up is composed of Gabriel Vicente (Voice and Flute), Elena Atienza (Piano), Agua Sancruz (Guitar), Clara Castrillo (Bass and Violin) and José Antonio González (Drums).


Paseo de la Constitución