Asociación Cultural e Recreativa Arume de Malvas


The Association was born in 2014 with the intention of creating a Pipe Band and that all its members belong to it, so that they themselves direct all activities. Since the beginning, Diego Alonso has been the direction of the gaita, joining the percussion direction since 2016, Ramón Corral. The incorporation of the latter brought with it a renewal and at the same time made the band grow musically.

Musically, it is a band of gaitas and percussion of traditional style, but not for that reason it closes the doors to innovations of folk character or others. The repertoire of the band includes both author and traditional.

Banda de gaitas Aruma de Malvas

The band is composed of approximately 35 people of all ages, including bagpipes and traditional percussion, saxophones, accordion and clarinet. We currently have 20 bagpipes: 10 first, 10 second (even third if the piece requires it), 15 percussionists: 3 drums, 5 drums and 7 tambourines. The musicians who play saxophones, accordion and clarinets are also pipers and percussionists, and according to the needs of the band, they play one instrument or another.

Despite the fact that Arume de Malvas is a bagpipe band, it also made musical recovery works, saving from oblivion the “Cantos de Reyes” typical of the Parish, which after 30 years of oblivion, continue to be sung every January 6 in the parish church.

Although it is a very young group, Arume de Malvas has tour with their performances both the Parishes and the center of Tui. In addition to participating in various musical meetings, in Vigo, Salceda de Caselas, Porriño and outside the province, in Orbazai and Burela (Lugo), Castrillón (Asturias), Alcobendas (Madrid), in Valença do Minho, Ansiao and Folgosa, (Portugal) and the proudest of its members, participation in the 40th Festival Internacional do Mundo Celta de Ortigueira (A Coruña) last summer.

The band has a full gala costume, women, cloth skirts, apron, “xustillo”, scarf and bonnet, as the most visible parts, in addition to shirt, petticoats and polo shirts, men, shirt, gaiters, pants bombacho, vest, scarf and girdles and embroidered “monteiras”. In order to vary the typical aesthetics of the bagpipe bands, ours chose to make them in four different colours, considering that it brings liveliness to the staging, being the making and design of the costumes the same for all of them.


Pasacalles – Paseo de la Constitución

Pasacalles – Paseo de la Constitución