Asociación Kud Bizovac


The KUD association “Bizovac” protects and promotes the original values of the traditional culture of its homeland since 1935, when it was created as a cultural association, establishing the folklore group within this association in 1968.

The association Bizovac has participated in many television programs, radio and press articles.

Kud Bizovac Croacia

A highlight is the traditional garment worn by women, considered one of the most beautiful in the world, winning the prize of the Istanbul Folklore Festival 2010. Highlighting the starched linen skirts (uštirkane), notably shorter than other traditional garments, which feature an embroidery (šlingoće) characterized by the type of decoration with festive motifs and many details. Also indicate that these skirts differ from each other, depending on the age and marital status of the woman.

Members of the association perform traditional dances from the surrounding areas of Bizovac, with traditional tamburica music.

KUD “Bizovac” continues to receive invitations from all over the world to participate in folklore events, meetings and festivals, demonstrating that the artistic value of their performances is appreciated. For more than twenty years, Mr. Srećko Vuković has been the leader of KUD “Bizovac”. The renowned dancer Zvonimir Vuković, with many years of experience is the director of dance and arts, while master Ivan Bobinac is responsible for the tambura orchestra.

The love of these three true folklore enthusiasts, as well as the other partners, for the traditional culture of their homeland has allowed Bizovac folklore artists to visit all regions of Croatia, neighbouring states and almost all European countries.


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Taller de música y danza – Carpa del Festival

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