Compañía Folklórica del Bernal


It was created in 2014 in the municipality of Gonzalez, Tamaulipas, under the auspices of Raul Garcia Vallejo and Jose Fernando Balderrama Martinez, gathering several dance couples under the direction of Maestro Hector Javier Tapia Maldonado.

From the beginning they begin with the formation of young people in the municipality, with the objective of providing members to the collective and having as mission to spread and preserve the regional and national traditions, expressed in the music and the dance awakening the interest to know and to rescue the multicultural manifestations of the country, contributing in forging the implantation of the folkloric dance in the municipality with full admiration of the artistic essence of the national folklore and the cultural roots by children, young people and adults who are the soul that keep alive their roots.

Compañia Folklórica del Bernal

Despite its short history, the Compañía Folklórica del Bernal, has developed numerous performances, both nationally (Anniversary and Patron Saint Festivals in its municipality, Tula Tamaulipas Regional Fair, Huapango Festival in Tampico, NININ Festival in Coxquihui, Potosina National Fair in San Luis Potosí, National Fair of Rural Culture of the Autonomous University of Chapingo in Texcoco, …), as well as internationally (VII International Gala in Texcoco, …).
Folklore Manuel Ferreira Pio in Funchal – Madeira – Portugal, Folklore festivals in Oliva de la Frontera and Valencia del Mombuey in Spain,…).

Within its wide repertoire we can find the dance of La Picota de Tamaulipas, dances of the north region, dances of Huapango, folklore of Jalisco, dances peasants of the region of Sotavento, plains and south of Veracruz called Son Jarocho,…