Corporación Artística Soy del Perú


The Artistic Corporation Soy del Perú, is composed by the Folkloric Company Soy del Perú and the cultural Association Kunan Pacha Perú, look for the diffusion of the Peruvian cultural wealth, as well as to maintain the traditions and the national folklore from the educational and formative scope through the music and the dance.

Soy del Perú

The Corporación Artística Soy del Perú was founded on May 28, 2016, but in spite of its youth, it has managed to develop, foster and promote Peruvian folklore in a multitude of local, national and international venues, highlighting its performance at the Lima Art Museum or its tour of Colombia in 2017.

At present, it is integrated by thirty artists among musicians and dancers, who interpret a repertoire that agglutinates the most outstanding of the Peruvian folklore: dances of the Coast (Son de los diablos, Cuadro Criollo,…), of the Sierra (Valicha, Canasteros de Urpay, Carnaval Arequipeño,…), of the Amazonia (Fiesta and Ritual del Masato, Cholones de RupaRupa, Carnaval de Shanao,…),…


Paseo de la Constitución

Taller de música y danza – Carpa del Festival

Paseo de la Constitución