Grupo de Coros y Danzas Semillas del Arte

La Puebla de Montalban
Castilla La Mancha

Popular and traditional culture offers multiple perspectives of study and approach and is always a key piece in the discovery of our own roots. The group of Choirs and Dances “Semillas del Arte” was born by initiative of D. Juan José Linares, Fr. Benjamín, Bustamante and a group of villagers in 1971 trying to rescue the folklore of the locality.

SEMILLAS” was born with the bias and intention of rescuing and investigating dances, songs and traditions in the past. The result is three cassettes, a double DVD: “La Puebla de Montalbán y su folklore” and a book: “Los de la Varita”.

The Group has shown its folklore almost all over Europe, visiting: France, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Norway,… On a national level, the Group’s intervention in the TVE programme “Gente Joven” (Young People), reaching the final on three consecutive occasions, deserves special mention for the great diffusion it reached. It is also important, perhaps the most enriching thing, to participate in regional and national festivals because, in them, there is a close and intimate coexistence with the people who love and try to preserve the traditions, dances and songs of Spain.

Grupo de coros y danzas Semilla del Arte

Our Association has sought with eagerness the relationship with all those who study and love folklore. It has been a founding member of the Federación Nacional de Asociaciones de Folklore (FEAF), the Federación Castellano – Manchega de Asociaciones de Folklore and the Confederación de Folklore del Estado Español (CONFEE).

“Semillas del Arte” organizes three events of cultural interest in La Puebla de Montalbán; the International Folklore Festival “Aires del Tajo”, the Children’s Festival and a Christmas performance, in addition to collaborating in as many cultural acts their presence is required.

In recognition of its cultural work and dissemination of its traditional values, the City Council of La Puebla de Montalbán dedicated a street to the association in commemoration of its XX ANNIVERSARY.

The repertoire that the Group presents in its performances is formed by peasant dances, round dances, tertulia dances, religious dances, festive dances, celebratory dances,…, using different costumes, such as the party costume, the country dress, the homemade work costume and the medieval-religious costume.


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