Grupo de Folklore Kamushka


The Kamushka Group is a group from the western Urals region, born in 1943 with the aim of preparing especially the younger generation to achieve the continuity of the traditional folklore practice of their region.

Currently, the school has 225 students of all ages, and its adult group consists of 50 members.

Grupo de Folklore Kamushka

They have made numerous folkloric visits to spread the folkloric heritage both in Russia and abroad, mainly in Europe, with the collaboration of the most popular and representative artists of the region. They have won numerous prestigious awards, including the popular dance award from the Soviet Academy.

Their repertoire is very broad and includes numerous dances of Uralic tradition, among them “Kamushka River”, “Shenkurskie Zakovirkie”, “Gorenka” or the “Dance of the Urals”, which demonstrates the idea of equality of all peoples living in Russia and the journey of people who emigrated through the Ural mountains.


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