Grupo Folclórico de Ereira


The Grupo Folclórico de Ereira is founded on the 1st of May 1932 in the Portuguese parish of Ereira, integrated in the municipality of Montemor-o-Velho, Coimbra.

From its beginnings it has known how to gather the tradition of the traditional dances and own of the Portuguese rural world, which were carried out for the commemoration of some celebration or for the mere fact of having fun and living with the neighbors of the population.

Grupo folclórico de Ereira

Their costumes follow the traditional patterns, using costumes of peasants, washerwoman, fisherman, shepherd, bride and groom, pilgrimage, festivities, …

The group is composed of about 40 members, mostly young people, who are proud to preserve and spread the customs of their ancestors.

They are organizers of “FolcloEreira”, International Folklore and Gastronomy Festival of Baixo Mondego, being members of the Federation of Folklore of Portugal and of the Association of Folklore and Ethnography of the Region of Mondego (AFERM).

The Ereira Folklore Group is a faithful representative of the Baixo Mondego/Beira Litoral region, having carried out numerous performances all over Portugal and in different European countries.


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