Grupo Folclórico Inspiración Folclórica Tesoros del Jade

Costa Rica

The group was created in May 2017 as a folkloric group of the National Insurance Institute (INS) of Costa Rica, as an initiative of officials who saw the need to promote culture and folklore within the institution, although in its beginnings was seen as a space for recreation of workers.

Grupo Folclórico Tesoros del Jade

From that moment on, the members began to be trained, beginning to contact people with great experience in the world of Costa Rican folklore; changing their mentality within the group and giving it the seriousness that represents the culture of a country, so they decided to call the group as Inspiración Folclórica Tesoros del Jade.

With this great drive and the desire to represent the Institution and the country, they joined the colleagues of the musical groups of the Benemérito Cuerpo de Bomberos since it is a sister Institution of the INS, reviewing together with them the repertoires of music and dances.

From July 2017 to date they have performed in more than 48 places inside and outside Costa Rica, bringing their culture to more than 100,000 people through national and international parades, presentations, festivals, private presentations, social presentations, media, …


Portel (Portugal)