Josefino y la memoria perdida – Atakama

Sierra de Fuentes

Josefino and Roberta are two tale actors who come to their locality to do a storytelling, but an altercation makes them alter everything.

Josefino y la memoria perdida

Josefino drinks by mistake a potion that makes him lose his memory and the only solution for him to recover it in finding a magic phrase that undoes the enchantment, this magic phrase is found in some of the hundreds of thousands of stories they know.

Josefino and Roberta will tell stories related to astronomy: the seasons, the rainbow, the day and the night, the planets, the movements of the earth, etc. All this is told in a pleasant and funny way and with the participation of an endless number of friends in the form of puppets.

Finally and thanks to the help of all the children Josefino will recover the lost memory.

And colorín colorado and this tale has finished.