Los Furriones


From Extremadura, “Furriones” is based on the friendship of its members and their passion for music, singularized by a way of interpreting themes that have been a success in our lives, providing an innovative product in the musical scene Extremadura, being a choral ensemble distributed in four strings of voices, accompanied by various instruments: guitars, lutes, bandurrias, double bass, requinto, flute, saxophone, vihuela, drums, maracas, castanets, dashboard, violin, piano, …

In 2013, a dozen amateurs, friends, and with different musical experiences, founded the Cultural Association “Music among Friends” and put themselves in the hands of a professional, Chema Bernáldez, to direct and improve the musical training of the group.

However, the need arose to expand the number of components and to give artistic name to the musical group, the main activity of the association. There were many proposals but, of all, one stood out: “furria”. Its Portuguese (farra) or Arabic (ferha) origin and its use in the castúo, together with its meaning of “juerga, jarana or parranda”, determined that “FURRIONES” was considered to be the name that best defined the group.

Los furriones

Thus, “Furriones” continued to grow and strengthen and currently has 35 components. Although it has its official headquarters in Badajoz, it is an Extremaduran group since its members come from different parts of the regional geography: Badajoz, Mérida, Cáceres, Villanueva de la Serena, Alburquerque, Don Benito…

In the consolidation of the musical project the figure of the new, and current, musical director from January 2014 has transcendence: Miguel Sánchez Cuevas “Tron”, born in Villanueva de la Serena and resident in Seville.

They have performed in the Circulo Pacense and in the Teatro López de Ayala de Badajoz, in Villanueva de la Serena, in the Palacio de Congresos de Mérida, in the Teatro – Cine Balboa de Jerez de los Caballeros, together with Los Sabandeños, in Montánchez, Valencia de Alcántara, Llerena, Alburquerque, in the Gran Teatro de Cáceres, in the Teatro Imperial de Don Benito, in the Teatro Alkazar de Plasencia,…, have also performed outside the region, specifically in the “IV Achamán Festival”, held in the Tenerife town of San Cristóbal de La Laguna.

They have recorded two albums; the first one in 2015 with the title “Furriones”, of which they have sold more than 3000 copies, and the second one recorded in 2018 under the title “A todo tren”.

Finally, note that they are organizers of the Albur Acts Festival held in the town of Alburquerque and is sponsored by the council of that town.


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