Los Jateros

Fregenal de la Sierra

The Folkloric Group Los Jateros de Fregenal de la Sierra, Badajoz -Extremadura-, was created in 1965 to dance and sing in the festivity of the patron saint of Fregenal, “La Virgen de los Remedios”. Without forgetting the original cause, little by little it begins to widen its field of work, becoming the diffusion of dances and popular songs of Extremadura in the main objective.

Throughout its existence it has travelled all over Extremadura, having participated in festivals and recitals in countless cities and towns in our Community. It has also participated in similar events in cities all over the country, representing Extremadura in practically all of the autonomous communities and in the most important festivals in Spain.

Grupo folklórico Los Jateros 2021

The dances and popular songs of Extremadura have also gone beyond the national borders with Los Jateros, participating in international festivals and performing recitals in Portugal, France, Switzerland, Germany, former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Argentina, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Russia, … in all of them the success was remarkable.

They have acted in numerous occasions in radio and television programs. They have recorded five albums, the last one with the title “Los Jateros: 50 Aniversario”, is still available in the market.

In addition to spreading the word abroad, he maintains in his city a School of Dances and Popular Music of Extremadura, which serves as a quarry for the titular group. At present the Group is made up of some 300 members catalogued as children, young people and headliners, the latter made up of some 60 members.

They are organizers of the Festival Internacional de la Sierra – FESTISIERRA, festival of National Tourist Interest, which this year celebrates its 39 edition in Fregenal de la Sierra.


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