Nando Juglar


Rafael Fernando García González, known artistically as Nando Juglar, was born in Valdelacalzada on August 13, 1952, being the first baptized in that colonization town where his father worked as a clerk.

At the age of eleven he began in the choirs of the Seminary of Badajoz, going on to belong in 1974 to the Camposoto Choir (Cádiz) and at the end of that same year to the Artillery Regiment in Ceuta. He has also belonged to the choir of the conservatory of Music of Badajoz and to the choir of the conservatory of Seville de Jesús del Gran Poder.

Nando Juglar has given concerts in almost all the towns of Extremadura and in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, La Laguna, Marbella,… His music has also crossed our borders, performing in numerous cities in Portugal, in the Colombian cities of Medellín and Bogotá, in Holland, in the Extremadura home of Lucerna (Switzerland), in London, Paris, in the Cervantes Institute of Tangier (Morocco), in the Amadeo Roldán Theatre and the National Theatre of Havana (Cuba), Dominican Republic, Mauritania,…

Actuación de Nando Juglar

He has participated in several radio and television programs, such as the program “Protagonistas” by Luis del Olmo in 1978 and 1980 and “Las coplas de la SER” by Carlos Herrera. He also participated actively in the Hispanic Channel of New York and in the program Gente Joven of TVE, during three seasons, reaching the first place during several weeks. TVE broadcasted two of his live concerts, the first at the Alcazaba Theatre in Mérida and the second at the Carolina Coronado Theatre in Almendralejo, on the occasion of the presentation of the album “El Candil”, where he updated the most popular themes of Extremadura folklore with new rhythms without losing the roots.

Throughout his career, he formed numerous musical groups (Los Yumas, Las huestes del sergeento Donal, Travesía, Dúo Azalea,…), as well as the choir “Niños cantores de Jerez de los Caballeros” between 1985 and 1990. He has made numerous collaborations, including an album of Christmas carols with Camarón de la Isla. He has also produced other artists such as Ramón Gato, Antonio Leal or Laura de los Ángeles, making videos, records and presentations, both in Spain and Cuba.

His most outstanding compositions have been “Elena”, “Voy a dejar de amarte” or “Joaquín Rodrigo”. He has recorded more than 11 albums, including “Amor y viento”, “Entre el amor y la sombra” and “Espacio de Cristal”.

On this occasion, he brings us the show “Cantautoras de Nando”, in which he is accompanied by the voices Laura de los Ángeles, Joana Capela and El Chorrero, Sandra González (bailaora), Joaquín Muñino (guitar), Lorenzo L. Lumeras (percussion) and the collaboration of Javier Feijóo.


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