La España del sainete

Teatro de Papel

3 de agosto a las 23:30h

Convento de San Francisco

A space dedicated to the world of theatre in which yet another edition will feature the company Teatro de Papel which presents the play “La España del Sainete”, a fun show which, although it is for all audiences, is best suited to our elders because of the memory they have of that post-war Spain. The show is made with a clean, white and sincere humour and is composed of the four most gracious sainetes of the extensive creation of the Álvarez Quintero Brothers (El Cuartito de hora, Ganas de reñir, Sangre gorda and Los jorros del oro).

“El cuartito de hora” is one of the best hors d’oeuvres written and its character, María Luisa, one of the most successful and unforgettable of the Quintero. Rogelio and Maria Luisa are an affluent couple without economic worries but, unfortunately, when it comes to fighting there are no distinctions between rich and poor, no one is safe from a good discussion, the only thing to do is, as Rogelio says, put up with a quarter of an hour.

Teatro en la sierra

“Ganas de reñir” is the most represented piece of Utrera’s, staging Martirio’s desire for us, which today has risen with the desire to discuss, whatever it may be and without anything or anyone to remedy it, not even the greatest patience in the world shown by photographer Julián.

In “Sangre gorda” there are incompatible couples like Candelita and Santiago. She is a strip of triquitraque and Santiago a person without blood in the veins, well, it seems that she has colored butter for the slowness and parsimony with which she expresses herself.

The show ends with “Los chorros del oro”, here the conflict is repeated; this time between Mercedes, a clean and tidy widow and Juan Manuel also widower with a girl of the same age as Mercedes. Juan Manuel has fallen in love with her but he is such a disaster, so much adán that she rejects him and that the poor man makes an effort to present himself dressed up.

Teatro de Papel presents us with this sample button wishing the public pleasure and enjoyment of our staging characterized by respect and admiration for the text, the genre, the dramaturgy and for the acting work based on the experience and comic strength of its actors (Paula Delgado, Lola Fernandez, Julio Galindo and Juan Antonio Lara).