Sonroridad, Mujer Árbol Cíclico

31 July at 22:30h

Cloister of the Convent of San Francisco

The Sonroridad, Mujer Árbol Cíclico project is a proposal conceived to invite the listener to the experience of an alchemy for transformation, which will leave no room for indifference.

A game between the meaning of the words Sorority and Sonority, understood as “the connection through sound”, where the figure of the FEMALE BEING is shown from its deepest roots.   

The artistic-reflexive experience:  

From the circle as a recovery of ancestral social orders for dialogue and understanding.  

From the journey to the memory and awareness of the FEMININE BEING in all its essence, value… and the opening of the vision in the MASCULINE BEING, reflecting on the social, cultural and artificial roles, normalised and imposed, from dialogue and mutual listening.   

Of the natural cyclical woman that we are and have forgotten, linked to the environment to which she belongs, the earth, the seasons, the moon…   

Of the possibility of men from other perspectives than those modelled and established throughout our existence.  

From the voices of women: great female singer-songwriters in the history of music, past and present, as narrators of the introspective journey. 

From Equality in the differences: as a necessary DIMORPHIC SORITY, between feminine and masculine beings, regardless of gender, sexual identity… 

From our vehicle: the deep and supraconscious language of the artistic, seasoned with the need for social and musical commitment.