El sentir

El sentir Alejandrina Macías Rubio

Born in Calamonte, a town in the province of Badajoz in 1961, keeping the illusion since small by painting, moved to Merida capital in 1976, where he currently lives. It is here where she begins to learn and develop as a painter under the supervision of his master the great painter Candido Lechón Montes. She … Read more El sentir

Retratos en punto de cruz

Retratos en punto de cruz

Ana Belén García Barroso, born in Fregenal de la Sierra in 1983, is an old jatera and collaborator of the International Festival of the Sierra that, for professional reasons, had to leave this passion aside, although year after year she looks for a place to come to these feasts. Since she was very young, she … Read more Retratos en punto de cruz

Artesanías II


Reme and Cati are two sisters and neighbors of our town, who share the same passion for sewing. Throughout the year they carry out different types of work such as baby baskets, children’s clothes, regional costumes, personalized embroidery,… In this exhibition they show us some of their handmade creations, where you can see backpacks, t-shirts … Read more Artesanías II

Trabajos de encajes de bolillos

Trabajos encajes de bolillos

Bobbin lace is a textile lace technique consisting of weaving threads that are initially wound into bobbins, called bobbins, to handle them better. As the work progresses, the fabric is held by pins nailed to a pad, which is called “mundillo”. The location of the pins is usually determined by a pattern of holes in … Read more Trabajos de encajes de bolillos

Descubriendo Fregenal

Exposición fotográfica Descubriendo Fregenal

Rogelio Camargo Camacho, was born in Seville in 1967, currently leading in the world of photography more than 30 years, always with the enthusiasm and passion that has awakened this form of art, trying to stop those moments, and thus endure in time. He has carried out several individual and collective exhibitions since 1995, as … Read more Descubriendo Fregenal

Festival Internacional de la Sierra

Fotografías del Festisierra

Nuria Garrido Vázquez, born in Fregenal de la Sierra, has made photography, in addition to her profession, her passion. Her aesthetic sense, together with that dance combat between shadow and light, make her go further, capturing the soul of the moment, whether people, places, flowers … She and the objective manage to merge in that … Read more Festival Internacional de la Sierra

Máscaras ibéricas, tradición folclórica precristiana IV

Exposición de fotografía Máscaras ibéricas

Víctor Manuel Pizarro has always been involved in numerous wildlife conservation projects in Extremadura. In fact, he is considered one of the best specialists on the black stork, although he likes to consider himself a photographer, travel blogger and disseminator, both of environmental issues, traditional festivals, history and traditional heritage of our region. He is … Read more Máscaras ibéricas, tradición folclórica precristiana IV

Un año en imágenes VI

Un año en imágenes

Javier Carretero Pérez, was born in Fregenal de la Sierra in 1970, maintaining since his youth a great love for photography and video, as evidenced by his collaboration with TVF since its creation in 1995 as a camera operator or participation in numerous photographic projects for various associations of Fregenal and its region. His works … Read more Un año en imágenes VI

Extremadura: paisanaje

Extremadura paisanaje, exposición de fotografía

Juan Carlos Delgado Expósito was born in Fregenal de la Sierra in 1963, feeling from an early age a passion for the flora and fauna of our most characteristic ecosystem, the dehesa. He has worked in numerous censuses of different species of birds and mammals in Extremadura, being the last work in which the IV … Read more Extremadura: paisanaje

Gentes XV

Gentex XV

Adrian López Menaya, was born in Fregenal de la Sierra in 1958, presenting since his youth an enormous interest and love for photography, although the chores of life caused his professional work to focus on another field. Thus, he has won several awards in various competitions in the region of Extremadura (Contest of the Tourist … Read more Gentes XV