A cachitos

Adela Mesa

Del 30/07/2021 al


From 12:00 to 14:00 and from 19:00 to 22:00

Iglesia del Convento de San Francisco

She has been involved in patchwork and creative sewing for many years, both as a hobby and professionally, giving classes and sending her designs under the trade name of “Si Adelita…” with the patterns and materials necessary to reproduce her work.

In this exhibition she shows some of her designs, there is a selection of the many things that can be made thanks to the patchwork technique, quilts, bags, toiletry bags, suitcases, sewing cases, cases for glasses or mobiles, door stops, etc.

Her style of patchwork is country, that’s why the predominant fabrics are squares with muted colours. She likes to embellish most of her work with embroidery and decorative buttons, and she also likes to introduce embroidered messages. She thinks they enrich the pieces.

They are slow works, mostly handmade, and she enjoys them so much, that she would love for this passion to be appreciated by visitors to this exhibition.