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Juan Carlos Delgado Expósito

Del 30/07/2021 al


From 12:00 to 14:00 and from 19:00 to 22:00

Iglesia del Convento de San Francisco

Juan Carlos Delgado Expósito was born in Fregenal de la Sierra in 1963, feeling from an early age a passion for the flora and fauna of our most characteristic ecosystem, the dehesa.

He has worked in numerous censuses of different species of birds and mammals in Extremadura, being the last work in which the IV National Survey of Otter 2017 has collaborated; he has participated in books such as “Remarkable Trees of Extremadura”, “The Sacred Forest”,…, being the author of “The Wolf in the Sierras del Sur” and “The Trees in Fregenal de la Sierra 1668-2008”, among other works. He has also been the author of various publications on nature in Extremadura, in different regional and national media.

This naturalist, photographer of nature, landscapes and landscapes has won several awards for various works in the world of photography, among which are the first prize in the “Museum of Ham Monesterio”, his second prize “Olive and its Dehesa” and the first prize in the contest “The Iberian pig in the pasture” at the Ham Fair in Jerez de los Caballeros. In 2016 he won the autonomous prize for photography in the black and white section of the XXXIV Certamen Villa de Cabeza del Buey (XXXIV Certamen Villa de Cabeza del Buey).