Miradas desde Sudán del Sur

Víctor Manuel Pizarro

Del 29/07/2022 al


From 12:00 to 14:00 and from 19:00 to 22:00

San Francisco Convent Church

Víctor Manuel Pizarro has always been involved in numerous wildlife conservation projects in Extremadura. In fact, he is considered one of the best specialists on the black stork, although he likes to consider himself a photographer, travel blogger and disseminator, both of environmental issues, traditional festivals, history and traditional heritage of our region.

He is a content editor and sleep-city photographer, a well-known website specializing in photography, tourism and travel. Although Extremadura is one of its main lines of argument, the website includes trips, experiences, emotions and images from some corners of the world. Ciudad-dormida receives more than one million visits a year and has been awarded numerous prizes, among which is its position as a finalist in the prestigious Bitácoras awards in the category of best photography blog. Precisely, one of his publications on the Fiesta de los Danzaores de la Salud was selected as one of the best reports by the prestigious travel website https://hostelbookers.com

As a nature enthusiast and passionate about the landscapes of Extremadura and its traditional rural world, he has collaborated in the publication of numerous books, including “Extremadura, la Tierra que amanece”, “Monfragüe, Caudal de Vida” or “La Sierra de San Pedro, Huellas y Vivencias”. A regular lecturer on traditional architecture, cultural landscapes and nature, he has taken part in various photography exhibitions, both individual and collective, and has received numerous awards, including the prestigious PhotoBlog Amigo 2010, from PhotoEspaña (PHE).

He is currently the administrator of the website Red (e) Ibérica de la Máscara, an Iberian entity created to preserve and promote the winter masks of Spain and Portugal. He is also a member of several photographic associations, such as Agrupación Fotográfica Extremeña (AFE) and Unión Internacional de Fotógrafos (UIFOTO). As a writer, he is a member of the Extremeña Association of Journalists and Writers specialized in Tourism (APETEX).