Animated parades that will take place in different neighbourhoods of the town, carried out by characters from the street.

21:00 h.

The circus parade will be full of characters from the world of the circus… clowns, stilt walkers and dancers. Happy colours and fun for the whole audience! They will interact with children and adults and will fill the streets with colour and joy.

– Departure from the Plaza de San Francisco, passing through Plaza Fuente Miranda, Calle Bravo Murillo, Calle Herrería, Paseo de la Palma, Calle la Cárcel and ending with a show in the Paseo de la Constitución.

21:00 h.

In the goblin parade, little creatures have invaded the streets. These mischievous goblins juggle and perform acrobatic tricks to manage all the streets and towns they pass through, interacting with the public and entertaining both adults and children, but be careful, because as good goblins, their mischief can take you by surprise.

– Santa Ana: starting in Barriada Extremadura, running along Calle San Basilio, and ending with a show in the Plaza-Llano de Santa Ana.

21:00 h.

In the white parade the different characters that make up this parade of orange elegance. The streets of the towns and cities through which these elegant, friendly and eccentric characters pass, will be enlivened with their juggling, lights and costumes wherever they go.

– Barrio Sur: starting at the junction of Av. España/ Calle Orihuela Grande, running along Calle Orihuela Grande and ending with a show in the Plaza de la Albuera.

21:00 h.

In the summer parade a group of colourful characters arrive in the village looking for the beach, they are a bit absent-minded characters, but through the circus, juggling, acrobatics and other surprises they will be refreshing the streets they pass through. Will they find the beach or will they set it up themselves?

– Santa Catalina neighbourhood: starting in Plaza Colón, running along Calle Iglesia Santa Catalina, Plaza Llano Santa Catalina, Calle Sevilla, Calle Mazaderos and ending with a show in Plaza Barriada Arias Montano.