Coro Nuestra Señora de la Aliseda

Coro Nuestra Sñra de la Aliseda

Although it was born some years before, the Choir of Our Lady of the Aliseda of Cumbres de San Bartolomé made its first performance in 1994. This choir, like the others, is nourished in large part by one of the most influential and well-known groups of the moment: Raya Real. Their cheerful popurrís of sevillanas … Read more Coro Nuestra Señora de la Aliseda

Compañía Folklórica del Bernal

Compañia Folklórica del Bernal

It was created in 2014 in the municipality of Gonzalez, Tamaulipas, under the auspices of Raul Garcia Vallejo and Jose Fernando Balderrama Martinez, gathering several dance couples under the direction of Maestro Hector Javier Tapia Maldonado. From the beginning they begin with the formation of young people in the municipality, with the objective of providing … Read more Compañía Folklórica del Bernal

Corporación Artística Soy del Perú

Soy del Perú

The Artistic Corporation Soy del Perú, is composed by the Folkloric Company Soy del Perú and the cultural Association Kunan Pacha Perú, look for the diffusion of the Peruvian cultural wealth, as well as to maintain the traditions and the national folklore from the educational and formative scope through the music and the dance. The … Read more Corporación Artística Soy del Perú

Conjunto de Danza Popular Yunost

Conjunto de danza Yunost

The People’s Dance Ensemble “Yunost” was founded in 1992 as a collective of Russian folk dance and music in the city Novomoskovsk, a city in the Tula region. The ensemble has a dance body composed of 20 people and a body of musicians composed of 4 people who play traditional Russian instruments, ranging the age … Read more Conjunto de Danza Popular Yunost

Grupo de Folklore Kamushka

Grupo de Folklore Kamushka

The Kamushka Group is a group from the western Urals region, born in 1943 with the aim of preparing especially the younger generation to achieve the continuity of the traditional folklore practice of their region. Currently, the school has 225 students of all ages, and its adult group consists of 50 members. They have made … Read more Grupo de Folklore Kamushka

Asociación Kud Bizovac

Kud Bizovac Croacia

The KUD association “Bizovac” protects and promotes the original values of the traditional culture of its homeland since 1935, when it was created as a cultural association, establishing the folklore group within this association in 1968. The association Bizovac has participated in many television programs, radio and press articles. A highlight is the traditional garment … Read more Asociación Kud Bizovac


EnVera grupo de musica celta rock

EnVerea is a placentino group of folk music that arose in 2011, joining the popular tradition of Extremadura, with melodies and rhythms open to the world, getting with the romances, jotas and tunes of our grandparents, a happy, fresh and enthusiastic music. In their themes they evoke past times of the people that throughout history … Read more EnVerea

Ars Nova XIV

Ars Nova XIV en concierto

Ars Nova XIV is a Sevillian band whose style is symphonic folk-rock that is fused with touches of styles as diverse as blues, Celtic music, jazz, flamenco or classical music. This fusion, together with the instrumental and vocal melodic treatment, gives rise to one of the most distinctive characteristics of the band. In addition to … Read more Ars Nova XIV

Bruma Folk

Bruma folk concierto

A fresh project of folk music based on the group’s own compositions and re-elaborations of popular melodies; this is how Bruma Folk can be defined, in freedom, without barriers. Bruma Folk was formed in Cantabria at the beginning of 2009 with four young artists coming from different musical styles, but with a great common hobby: … Read more Bruma Folk