Agrupación Folklórica Musical “Molinos de Viento”

Campo de Criptana
Castilla La Mancha

This group was founded in 1960 under the name of La Quijotesca, with the intention of bringing popular folklore to the stage, so that it could be recognised and enjoyed by all lovers of this musical genre.

In its beginnings, the group was mainly dedicated to singing Mayos and Rondas to the women, both single and married, of the town. It is a local tradition to sing Mayos on the nights of this month. It was then, when the first members, accompanied by bandurrias, lutes, guitars, castanets, and the odd tambourine and bottle of anisette, would go out into the streets, accompanying them on their stroll with popular songs, until they reached the house that was to be “rondada”.

In 1979, the group underwent a restructuring, trying to give more substance to this group of friends who were dedicated to interpreting for the public what their grandparents had taught them. It was then that it became known as the Molinos de Viento Musical Folkloric Group, whose objectives since then have been to compile, maintain, cultivate and make known all the expressions of traditional Manchegan culture.

This group has travelled all over Spain and has taken the name of Campo de Criptana beyond our borders to Portugal and Romania.

At present, this association has more than fifty members distributed in the different sections: Folklore School, Dance Group and Rondalla and organises a multitude of activities: courses, exhibitions, conferences etc… as well as the following festivals: Festival Regional de Mayos y Rondas, Fiesta de la Vendimia, Festival Nacional de Villancicos Populares.


Paseo de la Constitución

Paseo de la Constitución