Ballet Jammu


This project was born in Dakar in 2008, directed by Ass Ndiaye, in which two ideas merge: to create a stable folklore group and at the same time a music and dance school.

Ballet Jammu

It is based at the Yoff Cultural Centre, where choreographies are created and rehearsals are held. This is the origin of Ballet Jammu, which has been very successful in its career, and now Ballet Dakar.

This group includes young musicians and dancers from all the ethnic groups of Senegal – Wolof, Bambara, Peul, Toutcouleur, etc… – demonstrating that coexistence is possible.

In their shows they present the most traditional dances of Senegal. Their impressive dances combine energetic movements with spectacular acrobatics, based on the Mbalax rhythm. This rhythm is obtained with Sabar drums, used for centuries by the Wolof of Senegal.


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