El Mati


Matías López EL MATI is a Flamenco Singer Matías López born on 19 August 1985, Catalan, with parents from Extremadura living in Barcelona. Having grown up in a flamenco environment, he developed his musical interests when he was only 12 years old, although it was at the age of 19 when he decided to dedicate himself fully to it.

He has performed in the most important national and international festivals such as the Jodhpur Festival, Flamenco Festival in New York, London etc., Biennial of Holland, Festival de Mont de Marsan, Festival Flamenco on Fire in Pamplona, Festival de Alburquerque, Festival Ibérica Contemporánea de Querétaro (Mexico), Festival de Jerez, Festival Flamenco de Montreal, Bienal de Sevilla and many others.

Throughout his career, Matías has shared stage and bill with the most relevant artists of the musical and flamenco art scene, both singers and musicians, being called by the most important figures of dance and flamenco dance, which has given him the opportunity to work in important theatres, in the most prestigious tablaos and with renowned dance companies such as the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía in 2016.

In 2018 her first album “Doce de Cuatro” was released, produced by the musician and guitarist Fernando María. In August 2019 he won the Lámpara Minera at the 59th Festival Internacional de Cante de las Minas in La Unión (Murcia). From the beginning of his career to the present day, “El Mati” has been considered an artist of great projection, self-taught and multifaceted, with a musical thought in constant evolution and knowledge nourished by diverse musical and cultural sources, which makes him an artist to be taken into account.

As a cantaor he has truly extraordinary vocal conditions, able to put his voice where he wants, and surely, he is one of the flamenco artists with the greatest capacity to transmit what he feels at each moment. His talent is a mark of quality in everything he puts on stage, and he never skimps on his delivery, even going so far as to break if the moment requires it. With this way of living flamenco, some people are fond of flamenco… EVERYONE is fond of Mati.


Venta de entradas e información en Librería Sevilla, Comercial Bautista y en taquilla dos horas antes del concierto (Más información en el teléfono 623 22 99 06).

Plaza del Conventual de San Francisco