El Pelujáncanu


EL PELUJÁNCANU is one of the most representative beings of Extremaduran mythology, and his adventures have been transmitted by oral tradition, since time immemorial, throughout the mountains and valleys of the north. Likewise, this tradition is closely linked to that of Asturias and Cantabria, with families of beings, similar in form and customs, such as the Nuberu and the Pataricu.

It is a fact that these legends have been shared thanks to everyday uses such as transhumant shepherding and that the fundamental means have been and are music and literature.

The musical project PELUJÁNCANU was born from the deep concern of four friends and musicians from Extremadura to preserve and make known their most ancestral folklore, recovering in the process the different musical forms that have reached our days; flute and tambourine tunes, songs of old festivities and traditions, etc.

In the process, both respect for tradition and a different way of seeing and understanding modern folk music come together, creating their own musical arrangements, giving the songs a fresh and renewed air, with the aim of bringing them to the general public, especially to the youngest members of the public.


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