Esther Merino


The cantaora from Extremadura presents in an intimate and true way a wide inventory of cantes with traditional roots, offering a flamenco argument that deepens and develops the models inherited from the masters, with a flamenco prayer that enjoys authenticity in the cantes por malagueñas, soleá, alegrías, tangos, tonás, seguiriyas, bulerías, fandangos or cantes de Levante. 

This artist reflects in her cantaora forms the respect and sensitivity towards the flamenco sources. This leads her to revive in her recitals the doctrine of Mairena, the recreation of Caracol, the power of La Paquera, the enchantment of La Cañeta, the salero of Chano and Mariana Cornejo, the grandeur of the house of Los Pavon, the hermeticism of Platero de Alcalá or the vein of Pencho and Encarnación, among many other masters. 

Ambassador of her land, embodying the cantes of her land, both those that are in the orbit of rhythm and fiesta, as well as those that arose from the creativity of the native artists, placing at the flamenco epicentre cantes full of filigree, syrup, strength and power that flourished to the sound of artists, dealers and gypsies from Extremadura. 

Esther Merino is the faithful repository of a cantaora expression that offers brilliance, flavour, elegance and flamenquería in her main flamenco performances.

She will be accompanied by the guitar of Niño Seve and the palmas of Richard Gutierrez and Alberto “Parraguilla”.


Claustro del Convento de San Francisco