Grupo de Coros y Danzas “Juéllega Extremeña”

Valencia de Alcántara

Juéllega Extremeña began its first steps in 1979 when a group of enthusiasts of the Extremaduran traditions recovered the already forgotten “aguinaldo” singing in the streets of the village and giving rise to the first festival of Christmas carols presented in the Luis Rivera cinema of the town and which continues to this day.

Officially it was founded on 26 April 1980, which was when the founding act of the Association was constituted, as recorded in the Civil Government of Cáceres.

They have been part of the National Federation of Folklore Groups since 1993.

Juéllega considered that in spite of all the work carried out to spread the folklore of Extremadura, almost all over the Spanish geography, there was still a pending subject and that was the recovery of the folklore of the “Raya”. So they got in touch with members of those first groups of the 50’s and 60’s existing in the countryside and began to investigate songs and dances. They formed what today is known as “El grupo Rayano”, this group was consolidated as such in 1996 and has not only served to recover the songs and dances but also the typical clothing of the area. From this moment on, they accompany the main group in all their performances.

The group also currently has a Dance School for children between 3 and 15 years old, where from an early age they are taught respect for the traditions and love for the customs of our land. This dance school has about 50 students divided into 3 groups with their respective instructors.


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