Grupo de Danzas de Villena

Comunidad Valenciana

The group of Dances of Villena was founded in 1956. Its first formation was made up of women only with the so-called “Women’s Section”. Already as a mixed group, it took part in the Provincial Competition of Choirs and Dances in June 1964, winning second prize. That same year it also won the National Prize for Choirs and Dances. It represented the province at the International Country Fair in 1959 and 1966. 

He has performed on TVE on six occasions and has recorded cultural programmes for Swiss and Dutch television. He has participated in the film “La Noble Villena” and in the recording of the album “Danzas Alicantinas 2”. He represented Spain during the 33rd Folklore Festival held in 1969 in the city of Nice. That same year he toured the French cities of Toulon, Antibes and Beaulieu-Sur-Mer.

Throughout the years they took part in fairs, tours in Sweden, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic and Portugal; as well as the participation in the festival of Jaca and different autonomous communities of Spain.

In 1982 they were awarded the “Ajo de Oro”, which is equivalent to being named “Villeneros del año”, and in 1997 they recorded the album “Danzas Alicantinas 3”.

Grupo de Danzas de Villena

In addition to their participation in national and international festivals, they are constantly asked to perform in towns in the Valencian Country, Castilla-La Mancha and Murcia.

At present, the group is made up of approximately thirty-five members, including the corps de ballet, choir and rondalla. Its repertoire consists mainly of dances from the Alicante region and the so-called “Alto Vinalopó”. 

The group is currently dedicated to disseminating folklore and trying to recover dances, costumes and customs that until now have been forgotten, in an attempt to enrich the culture of our land.

Another very important activity of the dance group is the organisation of an annual festival (in mid-September) at national and international level.

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the group, in 2006 the Villena Town Council requested the gold medal of the city for the Grupo de Danzas de Villena.

Subsequently, and up to the present day, the group has been performing nationally in Asturias, Castilla La-Mancha and Valencia, among others.


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