Grupo Folclórico Pronija

Bosnia y Herzegovina

The group “Pronija” from Prnjavor (Bosnia and Herzegovina) was formed in 2011.

The entity promotes and preserves the traditional and true values of its people.

Several sections operate within the society: folklore, folk orchestra and tambura and two singing groups – female and male. The society has approximately 350 active members.

The society participated in numerous CIOFF, IOV and other festivals in Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania).

The most significant performances are at: Dukat Fest in Banja Luka (IOV) where it won the prize for originality, Folklore Festival in Airaes in Portugal, Folklore Festival Pola de Siero in Spain (CIOFF), Norbensis Festival in Italy around Rome (IOV), Silk Road Festival in Mudurno in Turkey (IOV), Folklore Festival in Zavet in Bulgaria (IGF), CIOFF Festival in Jazbernje in Hungary, participation in Wolf Assembly in Tršić.


Paseo de la Constitución

Carpa del Festival – Taller de música y danza