Grupo Folklórico San Juan Bautista de la Peña Huertana La Parranda


The Grupo Folklórico San Juan Bautista de la Peña huertana la Parranda de Beniaján, was founded in 2008, with the aim and purpose of rescuing, interpreting and disseminating the customs, folklore and traditions of Murcia.

The activity that this Association has been developing is very intense, with outstanding performances inside and outside its Region, being of special significance: numerous festivals throughout the region of Murcia, XXV International Festival of Lugones (Asturias), XXIX and XXXI International Folklore Festival Ciudad de Almería, XII National Folklore Festival Calderón de la Barca in Barajas (Madrid) or the International Festival Villa de Peligros (Granada), among others.

The group has a wide repertoire of dances (jotas, malagueñas, parrandas, etc.) all of which are representative of Murcian folklore.

Among the activities programmed by the Peña Huertana is the Huertano Day in honour of San Juan Bautista.

The group annually celebrates the traditional CANTO DE LOS MAYOS, on the thirtieth of April.

At Christmas it organises its Festival de Aguilandos Murcianos y Villancicos, under the name of “BENIAJAN EN NAVIDAD”, with the participation of invited groups.


Paseo de la Constitución

Paseo de la Constitución