I.C. Raíces Del Perú

Comunidad de Madrid

The group “Raíces del Perú”, constituted on 18th June 2009, and resident in the Community of Madrid, has since its beginnings offered its members the possibility to improve both in the artistic and human aspects, based on discipline and respect, having as its main objective the dissemination of Peruvian dance and thus contribute to strengthening our national identity.

During its already long trajectory, I.C. Raíces del Perú Madrid has been compiling information about the events in which they have participated year after year in order to give a true testimony of their main objective: the diffusion of their culture in the different countries where they have been.

The events have been held both in Madrid and in the main cities of Spain (Barcelona, Oviedo, etc). In addition, they also compile the events they have held in other European cities and capitals such as Milan, Berlin, Paris, Modena, Turin, Stockholm, etc.


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