Julián Camarillo

Segura de León

His love of flamenco came when he was very young, listening to the Sevillanas Rocieras that his mother played in the car to entertain him on his many trips for medical reasons, and he was already singing them very well from the time he began to speak. Later he wanted to try the Fandangos and little by little he has been learning more cantes.

According to his concerns, his mother decided to take him to take lessons with cantaora Ana Barba but she recommended him to take them with cantaor Juan Carlos Sánchez.

He takes Vocal Technique classes at Talento Escuela Artística in Seville with Juan Manuel Mantecón. He also receives piano lessons with Juancho Generelo Pérez in Fregenal de la Sierra (Badajoz).
He also receives piano lessons with Juancho Generelo Pérez in Fregenal de la Sierra (Badajoz).

From time to time, when it is possible because of her classes, she goes to the Cristina Heeren Foundation in Seville to give classes with Juan José Amador (great artist of cante para el baile).

Currently he is taking classes with the cantaor Miguel Ortega, (winner of the Lámpara Minera 2010).

Cristina Heeren has awarded him a scholarship to teach at her Foundation.

His passage through Peñas such as Peña Flamenca Ribera del Fresno, Peña Pepe Cristo, Peña Flamenca Puertas Abierta de La Algaba, Tertulia Flamenca de Las Colonias in Huelva etc., is making him very well liked in them, and the written press already speaks of him as a “promise of flamenco”.

He has also made forays into festivals such as the I Festival de Segura de León 2018.

Julián declares himself a great admirer of the great cantaores from whom he learns every day, Manolo Caracol, Antonio Mairena, Pastora Pavón “Niña de los Peines”, Antonio Chacón, Pepe Marchena, Manuel Vallejo, Fosforito, etc.


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