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Kinnia is a band from Madrid made up of professional musicians trained in different musical styles. Kinnia is led by Jezabel Martínez (violin), Jorge Escudero (guitar), Pablo Merchante (vocals), José Luis Frías (flutes and bagpipes) and Bardo Malkavian, “Gato”, (percussion, bouzuki). It also has several collaborators and guest artists.

The band was born at the end of 2014, having a great success with critics and audiences in each concert thanks to its great creativity and magnetism.

Their first album reflects the traditional Celtic essence, and their second album delves into fantasy and epic folk with songs composed by the musicians themselves.

Their interesting and wide repertoire, as well as their own songs, includes traditional Irish, Scottish, Breton and northern Spanish music… popularly known as Celtic music, with slight fusions with Mediterranean and medieval music that submerge the audience in a world of magic, fantasy and ancestral times…

Kinnia’s show is a journey through the music of the different environments and territories that have received Celtic influences.

Travel with Kinnia to a bustling tavern, to a mystical enchanted forest, sail on a ship that crosses unknown seas, from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean, let yourself be guided by fairies and troubadours, be thrilled by songs of pirates and Vikings.

Breathe through the music the aroma of the moss of Ireland, the forests of Asturias and Galicia, the smell of salt from the coasts of Brittany, and the warmth of the Mediterranean lands.

Kinnia is the only Spanish band playing at the Lost Age Festival of the European Capital of Culture 2019 (Plovdiv, Bulgaria). In 2018 they packed the Auditorio de Albacete, being reviewed in Radio 3. Their versatility makes them to be hired for important medieval events such as the one in the Castillo de Belmonte, or the Jornadas Medievales de Briones, to beer fairs like the one in Alcalá de Henares, festivals like the Noche de los Candiles… They also offer concerts in venues, such as the emblematic The Green, which they fill to capacity several times…

In addition, they have collaborated several times with the legendary RNE programme, “Espacio en Blanco”, being the guest band on Radio Nacional and in several congresses. In 2019, they compose the tune for the mythical programme “La Escóbula de la Brújula.”

Kinnia is a safe bet for any kind of celebration, from music festivals, concerts, fairs, popular festivals, historical reenactments…


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