Acetre concierto 2019

Created in 1976, Acetre is one of the most veteran and emblematic groups within the folk scene of Extremadura and its music is essential to understand the trajectory of folk music in recent years both within their region and in the rest of Spain. Musical creation and renewal on a rich traditional basis join their … Read more Acetre

María José Carrasco

Actuación de María José Carrasco

María José Ruiz Morales, cantaora of the purest flamenco art, best known in the world for the history of the art of flamenco singing under the artistic name of MARÍA JOSÉ CARRASCO, was born and raised in Los Palacios and Villafranca (Seville) on 13 May 1974. She was trained as a cantaora, in the heart … Read more María José Carrasco

Batala Badajoz

Banda de percusión Batala

The samba reggae percussion band “Batala Badajoz” is known for carrying out energetic, noisy and colourful performances to any corner of the world. Batala’s music originates in Salvador de Bahia, in northeastern Brazil. Born from the hand of Giba Gonçalves, a drummer and composer from Salvador Bahia, being one of the founders of the Cortejo … Read more Batala Badajoz

Nando Juglar

Actuación de Nando Juglar

Rafael Fernando García González, known artistically as Nando Juglar, was born in Valdelacalzada on August 13, 1952, being the first baptized in that colonization town where his father worked as a clerk. At the age of eleven he began in the choirs of the Seminary of Badajoz, going on to belong in 1974 to the … Read more Nando Juglar

Los Furriones

Los furriones

From Extremadura, “Furriones” is based on the friendship of its members and their passion for music, singularized by a way of interpreting themes that have been a success in our lives, providing an innovative product in the musical scene Extremadura, being a choral ensemble distributed in four strings of voices, accompanied by various instruments: guitars, … Read more Los Furriones

Grup de Danses Sargantana

Grup de danses Sargantana

The Grup de Danses Sargantana is a children’s group that was created in April 2012 on the occasion of the participation in the first children’s dance that was held in the square of the virgin. They have performed in dansás, festivities in various neighborhoods of Valencia and in many villages throughout the Valencian Community. Their … Read more Grup de Danses Sargantana