Rosario Abelaira

Orellana la Vieja

Born in Orellana la Vieja (Badajoz), she teaches music education in Mérida, where she lives, and is tireless in her work with children, teaching them and making them live music, because for her music is her way of life.

A lover of all musical genres, she is passionate about the copla, which she listened to at home from a very early age (her father was a copla singer and dancer in the travelling theatres of the 50s) although her voice, full of nuances and versatility, allows her to tackle other musical genres of equal beauty such as bolero, ballad, flamenco…

Rosario Abelaira

Rosario is from Extremadura, the daughter of an Extremaduran woman, from Orellana la Vieja (the same village that saw our singer born and raised) and a father from Seville (an artist by profession), giving her that mixture that makes her a Spanish song when she takes the stage. A special way of living the copla, a genre that has been very close to her since she was a child, an art that she loved, studied and cultivated throughout her life and with which she now tours the stages of Extremadura and outside our autonomous community and even abroad.

A tireless fighter to achieve her dream, from a very young age she formed part of choirs, folk groups, folk groups, etc. and studied singing at the “Hermanos Berzosa” Official Conservatory of Music in Cáceres, as she is a woman who considers good training at all levels to be essential.

She has taken part in countless competitions in the region of Extremadura and beyond, but it was after her participation in 2010 in the programme “Duende Joven” on Canal Extremadura TV, which made her known to the general public, that she felt the need to continue singing professionally and not leave the stage. From then on, she was requested for other appearances on TV, charity events, and in the organisation of shows at fairs, cultural weeks, etc. In 2011 she recorded an album with 12 copla songs “Salida de invierno” with the sole purpose of listening to herself, correcting herself and improving, maxims always in her life.

In 2015 she recorded a second album under the name of Flor de primavera, which is a compilation of coplas from the repertoire that formed part of her show Suspiros de copla y un bolero de amor and other shows in which she has taken part with other colleagues. 
Her awards include first prize in the 18th edition of the National Copla Competition of the cultural association “Álora la bien cercada” in Álora, Málaga, November 2016 and third prize in the 15th National Copla Competition in Barcelona organised by the Casa de Andalucía in Barcelona.


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