Spandan Sanskrutik Trust

La India

A folkloric group whose aim is to preserve and promote India’s rich 5000 year old cultural heritage.

The literal meaning of SPANDAN is heartbeat. It also means ripples in the placid water. SPANDAN has been active in promoting Indian folk dances since its inception. It has spread the rich culture of folk dances in India and abroad. SPANDAN has visited various countries like Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Cyprus, Turkey, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Croatia etc. to spread this rich folk culture of India.

Spandan has branched out to various cities in India such as Baroda, Surat and Mumbai. With more than 3000 students who have touched their teachings in Folk Dances.

Spandan now enters into Classical Dance of ancient India.

Spandan was established in 1989 and has been a charitable trust since 1997. Spandan is determined to keep the rich cultural heritage of India alive and pulsating in the hearts of people within India and the world. They have been participating in International Folk Dance Festivals since 2001.

They have specially designed this programme which will give you an insight into Indian festivals, epics, folk tales, customs and life of rural people from various parts of the country.


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