Voces y Cuerdas

Villafranca de los Barros

The group “Voces y Cuerdas Medio Siglo Después” was founded more than twelve years ago, formed by a group of members who decided to meet fifty years later, to resume their illusion -music- (hence its name) being led by D. Rafael Fernández de Soria. It is now a year since his death. 

Little by little, new companions of different ages joined the group and with the sole objective of “enjoying music”, the group began to form and as the months went by the concerts and performances began to arrive… we had numerous outings in Extremadura and Andalusia, taking our wide repertoire (Extremaduran folklore, boleros, tangos, pasodobles, habaneras and pop music…) to all these corners of the world. 

If we highlight some of the most important concerts of the group we would talk about those performed in the ONCE organization in Seville in 2011 and repeating performance in 2013. Also in Seville in the house of Extremadura a year later. The grada awards in Badajoz and the performance on Canal Extremadura, as well as performing in numerous towns in the region. The group has several dates marked in their calendar for their locality, the pilgrimage of San Isidro and the “velá de la Coronada” patron saint of the vineyards and Villafranca (declared a festival of regional interest) where this group prepared for that day the theme Virgen de los viñedos that already other groups also share.

We are currently 25 members of all ages, consisting of: bandurrias, lutes, guitars, acoustic bass, ukulele, Venezuelan cuatro, percussion, keyboard and vocals. Its director is D. Manuel Duran Morales.


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