Yunis Dance Troupe


Yunis Dance Troupe was created by Paula Yunis more than 18 years ago, composed of dancers living in Badajoz, they have performed a wide range of shows and performances throughout Extremadura, in important festivals in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, also in neighbouring cities in Portugal, and last year they made their debut with their first international performance in Larache, Morocco.

The Troupe is in constant evolution, recreating dances from the past and bringing them to our days with renewed airs but always keeping the purest essence of them.

The show they will perform is called “Gawazee”. From the spectacular island of Java to the Mediterranean coast, the protagonists embark on a dance journey where languages, music, dances… come together. Customs that mix and enrich each other, between the strength of cloves, the sensuality of cinnamon, the intensity of saffron? Their mysticism… essential in the desire to consume spices; spices from distant lands that give us for a moment the magic of smelling, tasting and feeling far, far away, in other lives, in other bodies. A show that brings together different performing arts such as world dances, tribal dance, contemporary dance, poetry and fire.


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