O de qué…?


1 August at 22:00h

Paseo de la Constitución

In the play “O de qué…? Catalina and Miguelito are storytellers and storytellers – their mission is to bring illusion and fantasy to all the places on the planet.

On this occasion they have given Catalina an important mission: to tell the importance of the SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals – to as many children as possible. In this way, more and more people will be involved in the fight for a better planet.

Catalina is determined to achieve this and to do so she sends her friend Miguelito messages in the form of a story – so that he too can learn and help her in her work. But Miguelito – a somewhat absent-minded character – has not read the stories about the SDGs in order to put on a good show.

What at first seems chaotic turns into a clear and funny narration of some of the main SDGs. Where the participation and involvement of the audience will be fundamental. We will work on topics such as recycling, the environment, gender equality, peace, hunger and education. Peace, hunger and education.

Undoubtedly an essential resource to deal with such an important topic among the younger population.