Una aventura en la cañada

Atakama Creatividad Cultural

5th August at 22:30h

Paseo de la Constitución

A long time ago, but not so long ago, Cervus, a famous writer in a creative crisis, sends his apprentice in search of material to create a new story and he returns loaded with junk.
Luckily, he also brings with him a tale told to him by a stork about a shepherd who, along his journey through the Cañada Real, lives an exciting adventure in the company of the most important characters of Extremaduran mythology such as the Nordic King of Jerte, the Entiznáu or the Methuselah Tree.

A story within a story. It tells of a time and a place where culture, legends and tales were passed on by word of mouth among the shepherds who travelled the Cañada Real, it tells of characters imagined by our ancestors, of extraordinary places, of overcoming fears, of courage, of friendship, of promises; but above all it tells of imagination, inviting us never ever to stop using it.

This show is a children’s play, where, through metatheatre, Cervus and Lupus are both narrators and characters in the story. Everything takes place in a steampunk aesthetic and atmosphere, a cultural movement that seeks the revaluation of lost traditions and knowledge, and advocates creation without limits based on human imagination.