The festival

As every year, and there are already 38, we are preparing to make a new edition of the International Festival of the Sierra – FESTISIERRA; a new edition that, as in previous years, wants to fill the streets of Fregenal with life, turning it into a meeting place.

From Los Jateros Group, organizers of this event, we have been doing a lot of tasks so that the magazine you have in your hand becomes a reality. Tasks that have had as main axis to continue maintaining and promoting a singular event of the national festive panorama, that unites culture and tradition developing more than 100 activities in 16 days. Forging in the personality of Fregenal’s citizens values such as tolerance, respect, diversity…, making us even more welcoming and knowing how to value the importance of getting to know other cultures.

In these 38 years, we have managed to create an event that combines culture and tourism; an event that allows for sustainable development, the generation of employment and the strengthening of the socioeconomic fabric of Fregenal and its region. Achieving such important distinctions as the declaration of Fiesta of National Tourist Interest by the Secretary of State for Tourism of the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda that places us on the map of the most important tourist festivals in our country.

It is evident that in recent years has managed to increase significantly the attendance of tourists and visitors and extend the stay of people who accompany us for more days, generating a much greater economic impact.

We would also like to highlight the point of view of the members of the groups and artists who accompany us during the Festival, highlighting in their opinions the enormous reception they have in our town, taking a pleasant memory of the treatment received and wanting to repeat within the programming of the FESTISIERRA in future editions.

Without a doubt, we have a great Festival. A festival of which all Frexnenses should feel proud and which would be impossible to carry out without your support, the support of the hundreds of people who day after day, night after night, participate in the numerous activities that are programmed and collaborate in their execution.

Also, we do not want to end these lines without also thanking the support of the various administrations and companies, both local and provincial and regional, because without them it would not be possible to develop the same, being a sample of what can be achieved with public-private collaboration.

To conclude, we would like to mention that the organization wishes the Festival to be the framework in which many visitors reunite with their families, spending a few days between their own and in which many tourists know the kindness of the neighbors of Fregenal and our rich historical heritage – artistic – cultural – natural.

Tomás Durán Rodríguez

Director of the Festival Internacional de la Sierra – FESTISIERRA