The festival

The Festival Internacional de la Sierra is an event declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest, which has been held since its beginnings in the town of Fregenal de la Sierra in the province of Badajoz. This year, the event will take place from 2 to 17 August, sixteen days in which more than 100 activities will be held.

Organised by the Grupo Folklórico Los Jateros, the aim of the Festival Internacional de la Sierra is for the festival to be based on the dichotomy between highlighting the diverse expressions of Extremadura and the crossbreeding that comes from the exchange of cultures. As we said, among other things, the culture, tradition, crafts, folklore and gastronomy of Extremadura are highlighted. On the other hand, thanks to the exchange of cultures offered by the coexistence of international folklore groups, it is possible to have a sample of different countries in our town, being able to move for moments to those nations.

From the International Festival of the Sierra we also intend to make our town known to neighbours and visitors, highlighting the rich historical and artistic heritage of Fregenal de la Sierra. And of course, to promote our natural heritage, encouraging the protection of such important aspects as the night skies.

Another of our objectives during these two weeks is to contribute to the development of the economic framework of Fregenal de la Sierra, once again holding this event which attracts so many visitors and which undoubtedly fills the streets and squares of our town with people.

We would like to thank both public bodies and companies for the support they offer us every year and whose help is vital for the development of the Festisierra. We would also like to thank each and every one of the volunteers who selflessly collaborate so that all the activities can take place, without them, it would be impossible to carry out this event.

This year, following the line marked in previous editions, Festisierra is intended to be a meeting point for people of all generations, with a programme that tries to include – as far as possible – activities and events that are of interest to all ages and tastes, following the mantra of making an inclusive festival for the entire population.

We would like to encourage the residents of Fregenal de la Sierra and visitors to enjoy our town during these days and the activities that we propose in this magazine that you have in your hands. These activities have been designed so that we can all enjoy this 42nd edition of the International Festival of the Sierra together.