Gamusino y Pantaruja

Atakama Creatividad Cultural

31 July at 22:30h

Paseo de la Constitución

Tales, songs, legends and myths are part of our intangible heritage. And thanks to oral transmission, thousands of stories that our grandparents heard from their parents and that have travelled from generation to generation and from ear to ear have managed to reach our days.

Gamusino and Pantaruja – the latter claiming to be a character who watches over dreams – belong to that mythical part of Extremadura, where myth is confused with reality. The aim of this play is to bring to life, to give a voice to these timeless characters, and for children to get to know them through their voices and to learn about the stories, traditions, melodies and songs that have formed part of our collective imagination.

More than a “storyteller”, this is a theatrical show where the characters act, tell, narrate, sing, make music, interact and, above all, enjoy themselves.

In the middle of the meadow, where Gamusino goes to tell his stories, he comes across Pantaruja, who is resting peacefully after a night telling stories and watching over the children’s dreams.

The two of them discover that they make a great team, as each in their own way and at their own times, they keep the children’s illusion and imagination always active and alert.